Fu Le Jing

Fu Le Jing

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Super Kid

Roz's teacher makes birthdays extra special. Her students get an entire week to celebrate. We received the notice before Thanksgiving that Roz's Super Kid time would be the week of December 11th. There were several things Roz needed to prepare. A poster with pictures, a jar with over 100 somethings for a guessing game (Roz chose gumballs) and a favorite book to read.
After the poster presentation on Monday, Roz picked out a pink color folder from her teacher and all of her classmates filled it with notes. Roz read them as soon as she got home. Most were funny, some weren't signed, a few were serious friendship letters and almost all of them included the word kind to describe Roz.
We got a bit of snow Super Kid week. The kids took snow pants and boots to play in at recess. One day after school, Roz made a new friend. They built this snowman together.
 And then she got to make snow cream.
Wednesday was great. Not only was I reading mom, I picked up Roz early from school so we could surprise Ella!
She knew it was (finally) going to be the return of EllaWednesday but she didn't know Roz would be with me for pick up!
 It was such a fun afternoon.
I wasn't ready for it to be over!

Roz also finished her Holiday Art class this week. Once again, she wanted to take an after school class. I just can't say enough about her art teacher!
Roz was so disappointed that she dropped her cat cup.
So I let her open an early Birthday gift from her Aunt Kathy!! At first she didn't know what to think of the Fingerling but she loves the monkey Finn. Roz pretends he is like an elf on the shelf. Trust me, he is not.
Yesterday Roz took in her Birthday treat for the entire class.
Favorite colors, favorite candy.

After school, Roz went to her friend Aurora's house for a Holiday Party that included gingerbread house making, cookie decorating, an ornament craft and dinner!

 Super Kid Week exhausted my girl!
And now? We get ready for The Birthday Weekend.
Here we go!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

In the spirit even with a cough.

Roz's cough is awful. At times, she sounds part-seal. Besides sounding like an animal from the ocean, being a bit lethargic and just not Roz, we don't see any other symptoms. Friday and yesterday she was worse so some plans changed except for attending Aunt Leigh's party. We just couldn't miss it!

Today the cough is a little better, I guess. Maybe not as frequent thanks to some awesome cough syrup. We had tickets to the Nutcracker this afternoon. But first, nail painting. "Coordinating blue and the unicorn color."
This was the first Nutcracker for everyone in our family.The music and dancing were beautiful. Several of Roz's friends were in it this year.
Ella was also there. She was only a row away! Except for this selfie, the girls barely spoke to one another. Sometimes they are like that. But as soon as we were leaving, "I wish Ella could come over."
I blame it on the cough.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chinese Class (Part 1)

Penny's dad's co-worker's wife, started teaching a Chinese class at Roz's school every Wednesday since October. Colors, numbers, and phrases - most of which were review for Roz but they also cooked, painted, and had fun! "The teacher gave us that white rabbit candy that I love!"

Almost every week Roz would say, "I don't want to go to that boring Chinese class." or "I just don't like it anymore." And of course when I asked her why, it is because she would rather be at home watching the I-pad. I can't say I blame her but really? When I just asked her what would you say about Chinese class for the blog, "I really liked it. We had fun."

It's a good thing - she starts back in January.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Merry Manor House!

Piano was cancelled this week so we took advantage of a free afternoon and visited our local park. Holidays at The Manor House always helps me get in the spirit. And once again, it didn't disappoint! The work that is put into each room at the Manor House is amazing and we always have a few favorites. This year - Alice in Wonderland and of course, the Hogwarts themed room!
Ella and her parents found these cool hats while in Chicago!
The only bad thing about the our little adventure on Tuesday was that they closed down the outside s'more station because of the strong winds!
There's always next year!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Double Santas

And now it is December.
 Advent calendars.
 Winter coats. Cooler air.
 And Santa.
Saturday morning we had our first encounter with the jolly man. Breakfast with Santa. Roz and her girlfriends from school had a marvelous time.
 Hot chocolate bar, cookies, books, crafts. All the things.

"I know he wasn't the real Santa. He asked me if my name was Roz. I also recognize this paper and the red sticker letters."
Then we stopped at the school store for a few school spirit items, grabbed a quick bite to eat and went home. Before changing back into her pjs, Roz and Hanny had a little lovefest and then we tried resting for a bit.
Although it was proving to be quite difficult because the Knights were on and we were looking for daddy on the television! We never found him but he did text us this picture. He and his dad cheered hard and UCF pulled through to win their conference!
Unfortunately we had to leave before the game ended to meet our FCC gang for our second Santa visit of the day. Come Meet Santa. The kids made paint ornaments, snacked, ran, had a show that was eventually "cancelled", and played a lot.
I am not exactly sure what Roz told Santa that she wanted but she talked to him for quite awhile.
We ended our adventurous day at the Mexican restaurant with our Ho friends!
Today has been a whole lot different than yesterday. We have been home - finishing homework, cleaning, bathing and getting ready for daddy to walk in the back door! We can't wait! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Goings on...

School has been going really well for Roz. She is flourishing in about everything ("I like Math and Science and all of my specials.") Her interest in Lyle (the snake class pet) continues as well as the stories. Some I don't really want to hear at dinner. "Mom, it is just the life cycle." I started my Reading Mom duties, which I love. Having more time to see my girl in her school element is nice. Spirit Day and Box Top collection happen to be going on while I was there this week.
Roz and I still hold hands as we walk to the Third Grade line but I don't have to carry her and she has found her fit. I watch her walk in the building every morning when the bells rings and still can't believe how lucky I am to be her mama.
After Girl Scouts for November, we spent some time playing at school. The girls were hyped up a little on the sugar they consumed while cooking and making a fun recipe book - Baking Love. Each of the girls turned in a recipe and combined them into one book.
It was cool but the sun was out and the girls didn't want to leave.
If it was up to Roz (and Ella), we would be at McDonalds 4, 5 times a week. Roz just changed over from the cheeseburger to the nuggets happy meal ("like Ella"). When I take them through the drive-thru they are all giggles, hiding in the back seat because they have made me order the "boy toy". Now that Pokémon is over, we will see just how much it was the food they wanted or the surprise in the box!
We all get to see Aunt Leigh a lot more than we use to. Since moving up from Florida, she is also flourishing and loves her new home and friends.
 Aunt Anne and I made the group home Facebook page!
Patrick and I celebrated our 19th wedding Anniversary this week. Sorry that we all dug into the cake before finishing our dinner and before I took a picture!
We celebrated at home with Chinese carry out and Patrick surprised me with a Birthday/Anniversary ice cream cake. It was delicious! We received some sweet I-pad notes later on in the evening.

 There are moments that remind you just how blessed you are.