Friday, March 23, 2018

It's officially Spring.

SPRINGTIME brings so many things!
Our Spring delivered some snow... but it also brought with it... The Return of Ella Wednesday! The girls were so happy! To celebrate, we went to the bell for slushies!
 Slime and fingernail painting continue.

As well as Aunt Leigh's happiness. She loves her Home, her new house, her job, her friends, bell choir, the staff (being on television).  And they love her.

 All the boys (except daddy) got a good spring cleaning!

This week included the date of 3.22 - our LID for China. 3/22/06. Unbelievable!

And last but not least, Spring includes SPRING BREAK!!! Which starts tomorrow for me and Roz! We will be heading out first thing in the morning with the Ho girls! Our travels will include a whole lot of chocolate!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Girl Scout Week

Last week was Girl Scout Week.
It started with A Special Friends Program at the hospital the previous Saturday.

Announcements and pledge on Monday. GS Breakfast on Wednesday.

In the middle of everything scout, was an Ice Cream Social for all of the 3rd graders who read at least 4 books for the month (and passed an AR test).

Friday was a fun day! It was a marble party for Roz's class that included wearing pajamas and the GS girls were back at the front office for more announcements. That afternoon, Roz and I helped set up The Shamrock Shuffle (Father/Daughter Dance) that Roz did not want to go to and did not go to. She was a great helper though and enjoyed the company!
Happy Scouting!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Patrick (and Gertrude)

After the 6:45 a.m. wake up call... "Mom, when can we get up? We need to see if the leprechaun came!" we enjoyed this amazing sky. "The whole sky is pink!"
Daddy went to work, we painted our nails. When Daddy got home at lunch time, we had our St. Patty feast of Reubens.
 Then we went to visit Aunt Leigh!
 And Roz went to a birthday party.
 It was birthday tea where they painted their own cups and saucers.
After the party, Roz went over to Ella's for a little while. Ella was a little slap happy after being home sick for 3 days. It was a fun day filled with everything green! We also learned that not only were we celebrating St. Patrick, it was Saint Gertrude's Day- The patron saint of cats and the people of who love them! Leprechauns and Cats!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just Being Us

Forts, Ella, Slime. Always.

Ella was determined that she was going to get an owl like Roz's Hedwig. Her mama took the girls one afternoon and celebrated!
For the very first time together, Roz and I rolled out dough and made cookies.
Sometimes you go and go and go then you fall asleep sitting up.
Roz is the "deviled egg princess because Meemerson is the queen."
  Our weather has been erratic!
Ella Tuesdays are the new Wednesday (for now). But last week was Ella Thursday. I picked up Roz first and we surprised Ella!!

 Enjoyed a pizza fundraiser with friends for a local dog rescue.
Roz had last Friday off for school conferences - hers was at 11. She sat outside the classroom while I went in to talk to her teacher. Roz wanted to know nothing about what was said. Maybe she was worried or maybe she knew that "I am always good at school." Super proud of Roz and her academics but more importantly, proud of who she is and how she behaves (at school). We left school and went to lunch followed by pedicures. It was requested by Roz and Heather that I "do not get black!"
This past weekend we stopped by Aunt Leigh's new house to help decorate. Mimi spent a lot of time there making sure it was beautiful before she moves in today!! So exciting!!
Other important things in The Wonderful World of Roz- "Baby uh dahn" is working a lot, the weather is crazy, forts, Ella and slime are in the forefront. Still. One of the snake class pets (Tito) in Roz's class died and there was sadness. Chinese class ends this week and Roz is pretty happy about having the afternoon to do "nothing".
Just being us.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

2018 MAC Championship

Yesterday we went to the Q.
Our team lost but we cheered hard!
 We got to spend the day with Cora, her mama
and a few other friends (who are pretty close with the coaches).

 And be on tv!
We had so much fun! It would have been a lot easier to stay at home but I am really glad we didn't. Although we lost an hour, we have all day to rest! (And make " 2 Sisters" videos about slime.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Roz likes a lot of things but they usually involve her being home. When she didn't say NO to playing Lacrosse and actually showed a bit of interest, I went with it. We didn't care about a team or games - just having her learn about a sport and participating in it was good enough for us. And her.
For the last 3 Sundays, Roz has been to Lacrosse practice. A bunch of girls showed up but only 3 third graders. It really didn't matter. She got to see her friend and learn about the game.

And she had a good time!
The coach is now going to start focusing on his 5th/6th grade team so there aren't any more practices. Roz gets her Sunday mornings at home back! (And she hasn't said NO to going back next year!)