Fu Le Jing

Fu Le Jing

Monday, June 26, 2017


On Monday, June 12 we said good-bye to our cruise ship and quickly headed to the airport for our first flight of the day. At this point, daddy cat was still with us. It wasn't until a few hours later that we left him to fly home, while we started our travel to Denali. Roz cried hard. She was so sad that he wasn't going with us for the rest of the trip. We all were. But, another flight awaited us. We were on the way to our next adventure.
Daddy's plane landed home about the same time we did in a new part of Alaska (new to us). Anchorage. We were only there for dinner and an overnight sleep before we boarded a train for the next journey.
This was no ordinary train. It was pretty luxurious. Windows covered the entire top half while the dining area was underneath.

The views were amazing and we learned a lot about Alaska's history while seeing all kinds of critters. Moose, caribou, a bear, bald eagles, nesting swans. It was breath taking.

On Tuesday afternoon we arrived at our hotel.
 Wednesday, we finally made it into the National Park.
Only school buses are allowed in the park after a certain mile marker. We had decided on the History site-seeing tour. It was only 5 hours, compared to the 8 hour Tundra tour.
We got super lucky that day and got to see Denali. Only 30% of people actually get to see it while there.
We also saw a wolf! There are only 73 in the entire 6 million acres of Denali National Park. There were also a few moose, rabbits and a porcupine walked right past our bus.
 And then we saw the Huskies!
Roz's favorite part!



 I never tired of the beauty.

Back to Anchorage (train station) on Thursday.
We did a little exploring after dinner.
We had a fantastic vacation!
But we were missing daddy, our critters, and dark nights.
Roz was all smiles Friday morning.
We were heading home.
We finally made it to the house around midnight.
I had to wake Roz at noon on Saturday. And we still are not quite adjusted to our time yet, but we are getting there and getting ready for some more summer fun!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Disney Extras



Friday, June 23, 2017

Our last day on the Wonder

Even though the cruise technically ends on June 12, everyone has to be off the boat by 8 a.m. and we were going to be leaving even earlier. This made Sunday our last official day of the Disney Wonder Cruise. Roz had just gotten in the groove of everything!! Patrick started off the morning by seeing the new Pirates movie while Roz and I hung out. Then we met Claire and her mom to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.

Claire participated far more than Roz in the kid's club (Roz went twice for a total of 45 minutes) but because of her friend, Roz decided that she wanted to be in the Friendship Rocks show.

(After the show, Roz did decide to go to the club for the Goofy pj party!)
Our afternoon involved packing and getting ready for our final dinner. It was the restaurant from the first night. Screens cover the walls and we watched Disney characters come to life whenever we were there. This time it was our turn to create the drawings. We each made our own figures and the images were transformed into our own cartoons!!

 It also happened to be pajama night.
Coinciding with the last show on board -  Dreams.
Disney has a way of making things magical.
Even for the adults.
We had so much fun making memories, meeting new friends and enjoying all the beauty Alaska holds. 

Many thanks to Mickey, "Little Meems and Deeg" and Cynthina!