Fu Le Jing

Fu Le Jing

Friday, August 18, 2017

"I am sad Ella went back to school."

This week brought with it our last EllaWednesday for the summer break of 2017.

We tried to make the best of it!
And the girls were all smiles until I told them we needed to get dressed and go up to the hospital for awhile. Roz was NOT happy about it. And she let me know it. She wore her pjs, didn't brush her hair or teeth and just threw herself around. She eventually regrouped - after awhile. I get it. They are 8, it was their last day together before school started for Ella and the hospital is boring. (Funny thing - Ella gave her mom a play by play of "Roz's fit", including what I said!)
They were (are) really good sports!
Especially after everyone gave them dollars for the vending machine. 7-Up, chips, candy.
And then Thursday. My other girl started her third grade year. New teacher, new classroom, new faces. I think Ella faced it better than her sister. Yesterday morning was rough for Roz. Reality has set in. Summer is about over!
Ella had a good half day and we got to spend some time with her in the afternoon before going up to the hospital again. So proud of her!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 14th

The 14th of August isn't just any regular day around here,
it's daddy's birthday!
Monday started out great! 
The girls were still talking about the weekend.
Dinner and the mall with Aunt Leigh.

That included a sleepover on a "school night"
(although the girls aren't in school).
Taco Tuesday was going to be our Monday theme for Daddy's Birthday. Mimi had already made his favorite dessert- Key Lime Pie, the pintos were in the crock pot, decorating was complete and then we got a call from Aunt Leigh's group home. Leigh's wheelchair with her in it, had a run in with a fence and she was being rushed to the ER.
Long story short - Aunt Leigh doesn't have any broken bones. Her leg is fine but her foot still hurts (happens to be the same foot as a previous fracture). But some tests came back that made the hospital keep her for the night. The girls and I came home to celebrate Patrick's birthday. There were no tacos but we did get Chick-fil-a and Mimi's key lime pie.
Leigh is still in the hospital but hopefully will be released today with a new diet and different medications!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Baseball & A New List

On Thursday night, we went to a baseball game courtesy of daddy's work. It was a lot of fun - cotton candy was involved.
 And so was Olivia, who will be in Roz's class next year!
Yesterday, we did go up to the school to check out the class lists. We received an email that there was going to be some changes to a few of the grades. Guess what? There were some big changes - Especially for Roz. Olivia is still in her class but they have a different teacher. And it's the one that Roz wanted! She also has several other friends in her class that she is super excited about!
A perfect ending to the week!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Making the most of it!

Summer is winding down and school is just around the corner. Neither of those make us happy so we are trying to make the most out of the time we have left. This week has been filled with around the town fun! Every time we get the opportunity, we include a slushie!!  
 And some horsing around!
 All the girls went for a Tuesday zoo adventure!
We went a bit later in the day. It must have been nap time for the animals because we got to see a lot of critters sleeping. Even this seal against the window!

On our second to last EllaWednesday, we spent some time at the park with Penny and her gang!
Then to this place for "cutie cars". The girls have been talking about them for awhile now!

A worry of Roz's (almost all summer) was answered yesterday. Even though class lists will be posted at school tomorrow, Roz found out a little early which 3rd grade teacher she has. So far, we only know of one other girl (which Roz is happy about and we will see her tonight!) in the same class. I hope Friday will bring some good news to Roz about other friends sharing her same class!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Daddy's Home!

Patrick got home from work travel yesterday afternoon.
We missed him big time! 
Although when daddy is away, Roz gets to sleep in the bed with me! (Henry always does!)
Ella made this past week go by a little faster, so did Mimi. "Little Meems lets me do whatever I want at her house." Ella as well. The girls made a bunch of wet paper towel designs.
 And played in the water.
There were also things we had to do. 
In the middle of everything Ella, we went over to the old neighborhood to visit Eli. He was in town for a couple of days. I am always amazed (and happy) that Roz and Eli just pick up where they left off and enjoy each other's company so much!
We also got to see Karlene!

We finished out the week with a little school supply shopping.
Daddy had a long busy week in Japan and China. He is still tired and I imagine will be until next weekend!

Monday, July 31, 2017

a BIG weekend!

And a busy one!
On Saturday morning, we drove to Potterfest!
It was super packed and we didn't get to do much Harry Potter but we had a good time and I am glad that we went.
 On Sunday, we went to an Art Show.
 Henna tattoos!
It was a gorgeous day. Roz and I enjoyed the wedding cake/cotton candy snow cones and balloon animals.
 Then we attended Addy's baptism party. She looked beautiful!
I can't forget to mention the slime making. It's pretty simple until you add Roz to the mix. There are steps to follow (exact steps), YouTube videos to watch, many items to purchase and a whole lot of thought put into each color per batch.
Happy Monday!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Slumber Party!

On Wednesday night, we had a sleepover at Ava and Addy's house!
Girls Only!